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I went into the chiropractors after I kept suffering from neck pain and couldn't sleep at night. My chiro let me know I had a common issues - screen neck! I'm addicted to my smart phone, and because I spent so much of the day with my neck down looking at my phone with my neck slanted, I started to get pain. It's a bit embarrassing, but I know I'm not the only one with this issue, so I'm starting a blog. I am putting up some links to stretches you can do to help screen neck and contacts to chiropractors when it's time to get professional help.


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Natural Ways to Manage Your Neck Pain

A common complaint, neck pain can arise for lots of reasons. From stress to incorrect posture, understanding the cause is one of the first steps to resolving it. If you want to tackle your neck pain naturally, there are a few techniques you can try.

Use ice to reduce swelling

Even when swelling isn't externally visible, there may be some present on the inside. If your neck pain is recent, try using ice for a few days to reduce swelling. Apply ice for 10 minutes in the morning and the evening to see if it acts as a natural form of pain relief.

Improve your posture

Your neck spends all day supporting your head, which is a heavy body part to hold. As a result, poor posturing eventually results in neck pain. From looking at your phone to working at a computer, there are lots of ways poor posturing can happen. If you're unsure how to tackle your posture, visit a chiropractor for a full assessment.

Change your pillows

Although your neck gets a little rest from its primary role at night, using the wrong pillows can exacerbate pain. If your pillows are too soft or lumpy, for example, they may not provide your neck with the support it needs. Discuss the possibility of using a firmer pillow or an orthopaedic one with your chiropractor.

Reduce stress

When you're experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety, you begin holding the tension in your shoulders. This can result in you holding your shoulders higher than normal throughout the day. Set an alarm to check in with yourself a few times a day to see what your shoulders are doing. If they feel tense, try relaxing them downwards. Your shoulders contain muscles that lead directly through your neck. By relaxing them, you can eliminate pain and prevent headaches too.

Use exercises

If your pain becomes unmanageable, try making an appointment with your usual chiropractor. They can recommend exercises that help you loosen the muscles and reduce pain. Additionally, they may be able to use techniques such as spinal manipulation. Sometimes such techniques support the muscles and bones further down your spinal column, which in turn can provide more support for your neck.

Whether you're a long-term neck pain sufferer or you're only just experiencing it, it's always worth seeking advice from a professional. Together, you may be able to eliminate your pain and live a more comfortable life.