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I went into the chiropractors after I kept suffering from neck pain and couldn't sleep at night. My chiro let me know I had a common issues - screen neck! I'm addicted to my smart phone, and because I spent so much of the day with my neck down looking at my phone with my neck slanted, I started to get pain. It's a bit embarrassing, but I know I'm not the only one with this issue, so I'm starting a blog. I am putting up some links to stretches you can do to help screen neck and contacts to chiropractors when it's time to get professional help.


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3 Reasons Why You Might Need to Take Your Healthy Child to See a Chiropractor

Children are not the first thing that comes to mind when a chiropractor is mentioned. This is because we often like to assume that when discussing the spine, back and joint problems, it is only the adults who suffer. But the reality is that the spine and the nervous system are the master control to our body functions. When the two are aligned, you will have fewer neurological issues. On the other hand, when they are not working properly, whether in a child or an adult, you will keep having cyclic health complications.

Here are three main reasons why you should take your healthy child to see a chiropractor every once in a while. 

To Manage and Promote Your Child's Neuroplasticity

The speed at which your child's brain develops depends on how much stimulation it gets to grow. The same is true with the nervous system. If you are taking the right steps to promote the growth of your child's neurological systems, they are less likely to develop disorders that delay their development.

Therefore, by taking your child to the chiropractor often, you will be helping your child achieve better physical and mental health by avoiding the common complications that slow down their development. 

To Manage Irritability

Not many parents of newborns understand the connection between a child's neurological system and their temperament. Some children have a predisposition to developing colic while others do not. This happens because the state of the neurological pathways is different for every child.

If your child has been having bouts of crying, and no amount of water, rocking, lullabies and other soothing measures are working, it is possible they have colic. Instead of spending thousands of dollars looking for conventional treatments, you should try a chiropractor. Most of the time, the child just needs a single adjustment to align their system and alleviate their mood swings.

To Help Improve the Child's Posture

Most of the posture problems that are evident in older children start as minor issues when they are smaller. If your child is getting used to sleeping, sitting or standing in a way that is not healthy for their spine, it is advisable to take them to a children's chiropractor for alignment before the problem gets complicated.

These are a few of the many reasons to take your child to a chiropractor. Remember that the treatment methods used by these experts are natural, holistic and non-invasive. Your child will be back to health in no time. Talk to a children's chiropractor to learn more.