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I went into the chiropractors after I kept suffering from neck pain and couldn't sleep at night. My chiro let me know I had a common issues - screen neck! I'm addicted to my smart phone, and because I spent so much of the day with my neck down looking at my phone with my neck slanted, I started to get pain. It's a bit embarrassing, but I know I'm not the only one with this issue, so I'm starting a blog. I am putting up some links to stretches you can do to help screen neck and contacts to chiropractors when it's time to get professional help.


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Why You Should Consider Taking Your Children to a Chiropractor

You may be aware of the value that chiropractors can bring to society, as they help adults to overcome everyday difficulties and alleviate back and neck pain. If you have received some treatment you may well have thought back to your childhood and wondered how you could go through those hectic times without such issues. This type of misconception is, however, why many parents never talk about chiropractors and their children in the same breath. Why is this a potential mistake?

Do Children Need This Type of Attention?

It seems that children can do anything in their rough-and-tumble world and not injure themselves in any way. While this may be the outward appearance, you shouldn't underestimate the potential problems that could be developing, even at this tender age. In short, you should be keeping an eye on their development with as much care as you would by taking them to the dentist at this age.

When Problems Begin

Some experts think that back pain in later life can be traced back to spinal vertebrae development in the young body. In other words, children can develop postural issues while the skeletal system is still maturing and before it is "set" in shape for adulthood.

Early Planning Is Important

It's important, therefore, to educate your child about the importance of alignment and good posture. They should be encouraged to run and jump more efficiently and practice proper breathing. All of this can help to avoid issues in later life including knee and back pain and poor posture. They should be encouraged to lead a full and active life by activating good habits from childhood, which can be carried through into their adult years.

Working with Schools

The chiropractic industry is turning to the school system in order to help educate children as they play together on a daily basis and as they engage in sporting activities together. Much can be done by parents as well, however, to educate the children in the home environment. Together, improvements can be made and standards set that will only be of benefit in later years.

Getting Checks

Parents should also get into the habit of scheduling a chiropractic visit for their children, so that they can be given the once over to ensure that everything is developing as it should. Think of this as an insurance policy for the future and schedule the trip at the same time as you plan their preventative visit to the dentist. Your children will thank you in the future.