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I went into the chiropractors after I kept suffering from neck pain and couldn't sleep at night. My chiro let me know I had a common issues - screen neck! I'm addicted to my smart phone, and because I spent so much of the day with my neck down looking at my phone with my neck slanted, I started to get pain. It's a bit embarrassing, but I know I'm not the only one with this issue, so I'm starting a blog. I am putting up some links to stretches you can do to help screen neck and contacts to chiropractors when it's time to get professional help.


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Have back pain? Consider spinal decompression

If you suffer from back pain as a result of damaged discs, you might be looking for alternative treatment options. While you shouldn't stop receiving care from your doctor, you can also benefit from chiropractic treatments like spinal decompression. This chiropractic treatment helps to stretch your spine in order to change its position and take some of the pressure off the discs. Here are some things to know about spinal decompression for back pain.

How Spinal Decompression Works

Spinal decompression's main objective is to help with an injured disc if that is what is causing your back pain. The pulling is done slowly and gently with mechanical traction. It is a non-invasive treatment that requires placing a harness around your body, then using a table that is controlled with a connected computer. The chiropractor chooses the intensity based on your comfort level and how badly your discs are injured. There is a suction used inside the disc that allows them to stretch to relieve the pressure and pain.

Types of Back Injuries It Helps With

There are a variety of back injuries that lead to spinal disc problems that spinal decompression can help with. For example, you might have gotten into a bad car accident where your back experienced trauma or twisted, or you may have degenerative disc disease that causes herniated or bulging discs in our spine. Other reasons to get this treatment include pain from sciatica problems, worn joints in the spine, or a disease of the spinal nerve roots.

Frequency of Treatments Needed

Keep in mind this is not a treatment that helps with just one session. As with many chiropractic treatments, you should go multiple times to get the full effect of the treatment. The actual frequency is based on each individual, though expect multiple sessions over a couple months to spread them out. The treatments don't last long, so it won't take up too much of your time, and you will be glad you did it when you start experiencing relief. Many chiropractors like to combine this with other treatments to help with your back pain further, such as muscle stimulation, ultrasound therapy, or electrical stimulation.

Potential Risks or Side Effects

While spinal decompression is a safe procedure with minimal risks, there are some side effects you might experience as a result of the treatment. For example, you may have some numbness or tingling in your spine area due to the stretching of the discs. This should go away before too long. You may also have some mild discomfort due to your back pain, though relief follows shortly after.

For more information, talk to a chiropractor.