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I went into the chiropractors after I kept suffering from neck pain and couldn't sleep at night. My chiro let me know I had a common issues - screen neck! I'm addicted to my smart phone, and because I spent so much of the day with my neck down looking at my phone with my neck slanted, I started to get pain. It's a bit embarrassing, but I know I'm not the only one with this issue, so I'm starting a blog. I am putting up some links to stretches you can do to help screen neck and contacts to chiropractors when it's time to get professional help.


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Three tips for introducing children to the chiropractor

There are a variety of benefits for chiropractic care in children including improvements in sleep, behaviour, immune system functionality and physical development. If you are considering chiropractic treatment for your kids, check out these three tips for introducing your children to the chiropractor.

Bring them along to your appointments

If you visit the chiropractor regularly yourself, a great way to normalise chiropractic care for your child is to bring them along to your appointments. This will give your child an opportunity to get used to the environment and the chiropractor gradually prior to their own treatment. Ask your chiropractor to talk your child through the procedures, so that they understand what is being done and why. As there can be some unusual noises associated with chiropractic care, it is important to explain to your child ahead of time that the cracking and popping noises are normal parts of the adjustment process. By hearing these noises prior to their own appointment, your child will be more comfortable when it's their turn.

Adjust a toy friend

A fun way to introduce your child to the chiropractor is for them to do a little roleplaying. Have them take a favourite doll or soft toy along to their first chiropractic appointment and they can help the chiropractor to 'adjust' their toy friend's spine and neck. The toy or doll can then 'adjust' your child with the chiropractor's help. This is a great way of assisting your child to be comfortable with the procedure, while allowing them a little emotional support from their special friend. Don't forget to snap a photo of your little one adjusting their toy's spine- it'll help ease any apprehension they have before their next appointment, and it's a lovely little memory to immortalise.

Lay down together

If your child is too young to understand the process or roleplay, an easy way to make them feel comfortable is to lay down together for their adjustment. If you lay on your back and have your child lay face down on your chest, the chiropractor is free to adjust your child's neck and spine while you keep them still and calm. If your child is particularly restless or nervous, this is an excellent way to transition them into chiropractic care with your support.

Don't forget to give your child plenty of praise for their bravery and behaviour after a successful first-time visit. For more information on how you can introduce your child to chiropractic care, contact your local child-friendly chiropractic professional today for expert advice.